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Nanny Coaching

Supporting families for years, we know how much you value the right care for your little ones. This is why we developed the Nanny Coaching Program which is carefully designed by our team of experts to provide the very best coaching in childcare, equipping carers with the knowledge and skills to look after their children competently and safely, giving them peace of mind when you leave your little ones in their care.

We will work with your nanny to help her develop her knowledge and understanding of day-to-day childcare. The modules incorporate up-to-date guidelines to ensure that your child receives quality care.

What is included in the coaching?

We tailor make the coaching to suit your specific circumstances, including adjusting the training to the ages of your children, your nanny’s experience, and any specific goals you are working towards. Prior to confirming the Nanny Coaching, we recommend a call with our Head Nurse Educator to discuss your specific requirements.

We offer Nanny Coaching in the following languages: English/ Taglog/ Russian/ Hindi/ Malayalam/ Greek .

What are the main topics covered during the Nanny Coaching:

  • Introduction to expectations and standards of care: Including maintaining confidentiality, the nanny’s role within the family, and professional presentation (including hygiene).
  • Communication: Communicating with the family. Documentation of care. How to communicate any queries and keep parents informed of their child’s care.
  • Routines: Supporting with the development of routines for babies and children as they progress through the milestones. Including, what the nanny should consider when creating or supporting a baby or child’s routine.
  • Practical Skills: Feeding, changing, bathing, dressing, playing, and interaction.
  • Safety: Maintaining a safe environment for your child/baby. This includes around the home and when going outside the home.