Babies & Beyond

Child Development and Care

At Babies and Beyond we have our own specialist early years educator, who works alongside our childcare nurses to deliver a fun curriculum for your child at home, to help him work towards the following early learning goals:

Personal, social and emotional development: Activities are designed to develop cooperative play, turn-taking, the confidence to try new activities, and how to manage feelings and behaviour.

Communication and language development: We will focus on listening and responding to stories and events, and encourage your child to express himself effectively, thereby developing speech and storytelling skills.

Physical development in all its forms: We will focus on how to use pencils and other tools for activities such as mark-making, as well as helping your child develop the gross motor skills needed to play with larger toys and materials.

Literacy development: We love to read, and aim to nurture that same of love of reading with your child by sharing lots of stories and rhymes together.

Mathematical development: We make number recognition and counting fun with a variety of games and activities, which enable your child to develop their numeracy skills.

Understanding of the world: We love to educate the children in our care about the differences between people and places nearby and further afield.

Expressive arts and designs: Be prepared to have music and merriment in your home! Together with your child we will sing, make music, dance, act out role-plays, dress up and get messy with lots of art, craft and imaginative play.

Our Child Development curriculum is based on the early learning goals from the UK, and will be adapted to cater for the developmental needs of each child in our care.

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