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Elderly Care Companion

Built on our core values and the belief that our elders need more than just caregivers in their later years, our Companion Programme combines the best of both worlds.

Despite our best and well-intentioned efforts to keep our elders physically well-cared for and safe, the real question is, what do our elders need for their emotional and social well-being?

While they certainly need medical care and supervision, we also believe that they need to age with dignity, feeling like active members of our community. Having a day with purpose is as important as having a medical care plan.

Our Companion Programme for Elderly Care consists of a team of professionally trained caregivers specializing in elderly care. They provide hands-on patient care to meet patient needs in accordance with their care plan:

  • Companionship
  • Accompanying our elder for walks
  • Accompanying our elder to meet friends and relatives to ensure they remain active members of our community
  • Personal hygiene and grooming, bathing, oral care, hair care, dressing, toileting, transfers, etc.
  • Assistance with light exercise
  • Medication reminders
  • Serving meals and feeding
  • Light cooking
  • Shopping and running errands on behalf of or with our elder
  • Keeping track and setting reminders for medical appointments, social engagements
  • Accompanying our elder to medical appointments and other engagements
  • Traveling with our elder

For any questions or concerns you may have about Elderly Care Companion, rest assured that we are here to help – and we love to do so!

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