Babies & Beyond

Sleep Support

At Babies and Beyond we are proud to have an effective Sleep Solutions Programme at the heart of our services to inform and empower parents to manage their children’s sleep.

Our methodology is centred around working in partnership with parents to provide the support, plans and routines that suit your family to ultimately create healthy sleep habits and a calm, restorative sleep environment for your child.
We offer a range of Sleep Solutions to meet the varying needs of parents and families, namely:

  • We offer private 1:1 Sessions
  • Private Consultation: In-Home or Online
  • One Night of Sleep Training
  • Two Nights of Sleep Training
  • Three Nights of Sleep Training
  • Tailored Packages

Our Sleep Consultant Ami is a British Mum of two little girls, and a Sleep Consultant with 20 years of experience across many different areas.She started her career working with young children and parents as a professional nanny in central London, supporting all aspects of daily life both physically and emotionally. She later trained as a non-medical maternity nurse supporting parents and babies at night with all aspects of baby care and parental support also offering daytime support with sleep patterns and routines.
She trained as a sleep consultant with MNT and worked with parents and young children to the age of five to get a better night’s sleep.

Ami’s focus has always been on making sure everyone is happy and understands the process. Ami’s method is working closely with the parents/careers in making a plan that works for the whole family taking into account culture, religion, and any relevant background. Her approach is more hands-on and interactive and she will be by your side throughout the whole process.